BTS Bangtan Boys Edible Cupcake Toppers

BTS Bangtan Boys Edible Image Cupcake Cookie Topper

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They are NOT the traditional cupcake picks that you place using a pick. There are 12 images per sheet. Sometimes the images are not perfectly centered on the frosting sheets, however they still are very cute and look great! Very easy to use. suitable for cupcakes, cookies, chocolates and many other bakery items.

2.0 cupcakes (12 pieces/sheet)

Suitable for cupcakes, cookies, chocolates and many other bakery items. FDA approved and certified Kosher. Gluten and Dairy Free! No known allergens.

(**Round Pictures are printed on a solid sheet and require trimming.**)

Please note that depending on your screen, COLORS MAY VARY SLIGHTLY. Frosting sheets and edible inks are FDA approved and kosher certified, contain no known allergens, are dairy free and gluten free.

Simple to use and they make any cupcake look more desirable and gives any occasion, that extra special touch, (There is no special skill required for cutting out the cake toppers, just a clean, dry pair of scissors.) Instructions are included with your order.

Copyright Disclaimer: The characters or personalities utilized in the designs ARE NOT being sold. They are free and are only being used to personalize your party item. I do not claim ownership of these licensed characters. They are for personal use only for a one time party. They only last a couple hours after put on a cake and are not meant for memorabilia. All rights and ownership remain with the respective owners.

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PHYSICAL PRODUCT (Shipped to your door), DIGITAL FILE (Provided through email)


2 Inches (12 Pieces), 2.5 Inches (12 Pieces), 1.8 Inches (20 Pieces), 1.5 Inches (30 Pieces), Digital File (Standard Size)